Rules and regulations to know before you hire a moving service

November 24, 2014

Moving isn't easy. To make it as simple as possible, here are the rules and regulations moving companies must follow – which you should know before hiring a moving service.

Rules and regulations to know before you hire a moving service

What to expect from professional movers

Some moving companies are members of a professional association, which requires they abide by the following professional guidelines:

  • Act in a fair and honest manner and take into account the customer’s needs.
  • Comply with the conditions of their contracts.
  • Maintain professional honour and personal integrity.
  • Provide effective, reliable and high-quality service.
  • Ensure that services are rendered safely.
  • Maintain competitive market practices.
  • Support education and training in the industry to improve services.
  • Fulfill the obligations of membership.

Furthermore, members and their employees commit to complying with other rules. These rules may differ depending on the association, but usually include:

  • Provide the trade association with all the necessary documents required to maintain their affiliation with the organization, and inform them of any changes to the contents of these documents.
  • Follow the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers, established for industry-certified movers.
  • Establish an in-house complaint department and create a fair dispute resolution process.

Transport conditions

Most Canadian provinces regulate bills of lading and conditions of carriage regulations for the transport of household goods.

  • Only Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest Territories are not regulated.
  • Transport conditions in regulated provinces are the same, for the most part, and are intended to protect both the customer and the moving company.

The company must also:

  • Produce a written cost estimate.
  • Provide the client with insurance coverage.
  • Show up at the agreed upon time.

Important questions

Despite your mover having all the appropriate documentation and providing you with required information, ask questions. Why? A reputable company will patiently answer your questions to your satisfaction. Questions should include:

  • Is the company registered and licensed with the province?
  • Is the moving company endorsed by an association?
  • What exactly will the insurance cover?
  • Does the company have the right equipment, provide unpacking services, warehousing and dispute settlement?
  • Does the company have a license in good standing with the Canadian Transportation Commission?
  • Is the space where your property will be stored (if necessary) adequately clean and safe?

Know exactly what you will pay

 Don't leave this detail up in the air or ambiguous. You're paying for a service and need to know what it will cost you.

  • It's always best to ask about the rates and services provided by several moving companies.
  • You will find a service that suits your needs and your budget.

On moving day

On the day of the big move you can make your life – and the mover's – easier when you:

  • Make sure everything is ready to go and avoid last-minute packing.
  • Make sure your destination is ready to welcome you. If moving into a high-rise or townhouse, you may need to reserve an elevator and parking space.
  • Take a full inventory of your belongings and observe the loading and unloading. In the event of damage, present your claim as soon as possible to ensure that the matter is settled quickly.
  • Transport cherished valuables yourself instead of entrusting them to a mover.
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