Safe strategies for finding legal downloads

July 28, 2015

These are some simple ways you can quickly, and legally, download music, movies and more.

Safe strategies for finding legal downloads

Download music and movies online

  • Open an account with a website that offers a download service.
  • Sites work either by monthly subscriptions, which give you unlimited downloads, or charge you for each purchase.
  • Choose a site that securely stores you payment details. Ideally, you'll be asked to provide security details such as a password before any transaction is completed.
  • Before playing a purchased file, you may need to download the appropriate software. Your download site or app may have their own. If not, check the site for suggestions.
  • Files can be stored on your PC, iPod or MP3 player or, depending on the download site you're using, can be transferred to disc.

Find free downloads

  • Many programs are available as "freeware."
  • Most freeware consists of small programs such as games and anti-virus scanners.
  • Compare reviews on several sites before you download.
  • Make certain that the item you want is compatible with your computer's operating system.

If you have plenty of free disk space on your PC and a good internet connection, downloading music and video is a convenient, quick and simple process. Just make sure your downloads are legal.

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