Sage advice to row a boat or cast a fishing line

July 28, 2015

Looking to become an intrepid summer adventurer? Then you'll need to learn how to properly row a boat and cast a fishing line. These pointers will make you a strong rower and master angler in no time.

Sage advice to row a boat or cast a fishing line

Go for a row

The perfect rowing technique combines a series of movements into a cyclical action in which the blades of the oars move in a smooth oval. It might take some practice, but these instructions will teach you each step of the movement.

  1. Grip the oars with your arms held straight out in front of you, parallel to the water. The blades should be vertical and just out of the water. Your wrists should be straight.
  2. Lift your arms slightly so that the blades dip into the water and, once buried, lean back with your body, keeping your arms parallel. This will get you moving. Finally, bend your arms to complete the stroke.
  3. At the end of this first stroke, push down on the oars to raise the blades out of the water. Bend your wrists as if revving a motorbike, so that the blades are horizontal. Simultaneously push your arms forward to get ready for the next stroke.
  4. As your arms straighten, turn your wrists back so that the blades are vertical once more. Lift your arms slightly to drop the blades into the water and pull again.

Fish for the big one

In coarse fishing, the goal is to land your bait at a point in the water where you believe the fish are feeding. The technique for casting your fishing line is the same whether you're using a ledger weight or a float.

  1. Hold the rod in front of you at an angle that's a little below the vertical, with a short play of line dangling from the end. Grip the rod near the reel seat using your dominant hand. Place the other hand at the butt of the rod.
  2. Using your index finger, hold the fishing line against the rim of the spoo and flip over the bail so that the line can feed out freely once it's been cast.
  3. If you're holding the line with your left hand, gently swing the rod over your left shoulder. If holding with your right hand, swing over your right shoulder. Allow the hanging line to swing away from your back.
  4. Bring the rod forwards in one smooth motion, simultaneously releasing the line from under your finger. The line should now be flying out over the water.
  5. As the line reaches the point you want to fish, tap the spool with your index finger to slow it down and drop it in the water without making a big splash. Close the bail arm.

Nothing says "relaxing summer day" like taking the rowboat out to your favourite fishing spot and angling the afternoon away. Use these tips and don't forget the cooler!

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