Save money with these 2 unexpected strategies

Savings can often be lurking in unexpected places. We'll share 2 useful tips that can help you save money on things like clothing, cable service, and groceries.

Save money with these 2 unexpected strategies

Earn rewards with your credit card

  • If your credit card doesn't offer rebates or other incentives, sign up for one that does. Credit card companies are eager for your business. Use this to your advantage.
  • Many credit card companies are offering incentives for you to use their cards. One card may offer you a small discount or rebate when you use it to buy gasoline or groceries. Others may let you earn money towards a new vehicle, discounts on air travel, or discounts for tickets to major amusement parks.
  • If you see an offer for a credit card that provides discounts on items you plan on buying anyway, sign up for it. Then every time you make a purchase, put it on the credit card so that you can rack up the benefits.
  • However, remember that these incentives are bait: the credit card companies are trying to lure you into giving them more money than you'll save. Avoid these sneaky traps by paying off your balance every month so that you aren't hit with finance charges and late fees. And avoid cards with a high annual fee, because they eat into your benefits.

Check your junk mail

  • Day in and day out, your mail contains all sorts of offers for cheaper versions of services you purchase each month, like cable TV and cell phone plans. Don't just drop these solicitations into the recycling bin; use them to your advantage!
  • When a great offer shows up in your mail, call up your current service provider and explain that you're considering switching to the competitor. Read the competitor's offer over the phone and ask whether your existing provider can match this deal. Most of the time, you'll be able to save money with one quick call.

These tips may seem simple, and that's because they are. Both reward cards and junk mail are potential money savers that are hiding in plain sight. All you need to do is be on the lookout. Happy hunting!

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