Save on energy costs with drying cabinets

September 24, 2014

Lower your energy usage (and costs!) by using a home drying cabinet instead of a traditional dryer. Here's how they work.

Save on energy costs with drying cabinets

A low energy drying alternative

Widely used for years in Europe and Australia, home drying cabinets are growing in popularity in North America. Drying cabinets are much more energy efficient. They're also a safer alternative for drying both over-sized and delicate clothing. This includes garments that instruct you to “hang dry”, “dry flat” or “do not tumble dry.” Plus, drying cabinets are great these difficult to dry items:

  • Fine linens
  • Quilts and comforters
  • Boots
  • Coats
  • Rugs

The benefits of a drying cabinet

Having a drying cabinet in your home offers a number of benefits: You will never have to hang wet clothes, footwear or over-sized items on door knobs, shower rods or counter-tops again. A drying cabinet offers the equivalent of as much as 16 metres of clothesline and a variety of racks and hooks.

Clothesline vs. drying cabinet

The clothesline will dry your clothes and made them smell terrific. But those wind gusts and ultraviolet rays also accelerate colour-fading and fabric distress. This makes your favourite items wear out much sooner than necessary.

Perfect for drying large and bulky items

Available with or without an electrical heating element, a drying cabinet resembles a narrow refrigerator in size. It offers a safe and easy way to dry items that are too large or bulky to be placed in a traditional dryer.

Less ironing needed

You’ll be pleased to learn that a drying cabinet results in much less creasing and wrinkling than traditional drying methods. Hang clothes on the adjustable pull-out racks and they can be worn with little more than a touch up from the iron, saving you time and labour.

Drying cabinet + tumble dryer = An unbeatable combination

While it may not be practical for all your clothes drying needs, a drying cabinet paired with a conventional clothes dryer can be a helpful addition to any laundry room. Contact a certified dealer in your area to find out if a drying cabinet is the right solution for your needs.

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