Savvy tips for finding a house that will grow with your family

July 29, 2015

Before making a final decision on a property already endowed with a dwelling, take a very hard look at your possible future needs. Here are some tips to help you find a house that will fit and grow with your family.

Savvy tips for finding a house that will grow with your family

Consult a professional

Property comes in all shapes, sizes and conditions and it may be worthwhile getting a professional opinion as to whether the alterations you have in mind can be matched to your prospective purchase.

  • If you are planning a family will there be enough room to accommodate children or will you have to build extra bedrooms? If the house is of a modest size assure yourself that it can be extended without undue expense.
  • It may be that a structural engineer will be needed if there are any doubts about the footings, particularly if you want to add another floor.
  • Always check with the local council to see if there are likely to be any restrictions on what you propose.

Transportable houses

In country regions, taking a ready-made house to a new site is always a possibility.

  • Weatherboard cottages lend themselves more readily to being separated from their foundations and transported than most types of dwelling.

Pre-existing dwellings

A property that includes an existing house allows the buyer to bypass the considerable expenditure of time and money involved in building a house.

  • An abandoned farm or a deceased-estate sale often offers the greatest value. Not only has the land been cleared — although it may have become overgrown — but there is a dwelling in place. In addition, absentee owners are often particularly keen to sell.
  • Firmly establish the level of repairs required; for example, a slightly tattered door might be a suitable case for restoration but, despite a cosmetic coat of paint, some doors will be beyond repair and need replacing.

Remember that buying a home should not be a spontaneous purchase. Consider your current and future needs and keep these tips in mind to find your dream home!

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