Fun scientific games that your little geniuses will love

December 20, 2014

There are a wide variety of scientific games that are sure to arouse your children's curiosity while they discover the wonderful world of science.

Fun scientific games that your little geniuses will love

For budding scientists

Younger children appreciate scientific games with easy experiments that answer the questions raised by daily life. This is the perfect opportunity for them to learn about chemistry, physics and biology and explore the science of air and water. Other games can help them discover the mysteries of the human body. How does the human eye work? Why do some things float on water and others sink?

Explore nature’s cycle

Some scientific games allow children to experience nature’s cycle through their very own ecosystem. They’ll be able to test different soil qualities, discover how rain forms and learn why the sun is so necessary to life.

Other games give them the opportunity to discover the world of plants and seeds thanks to an experimental greenhouse, in which they can cultivate their very own plants. Day after day, your children will be fascinated by how they grow.

An ecology lab will let them examine soil samples, assess the quality of the environment and examine the characteristics of water, air and soil. It’s fascinating stuff!

Give them the opportunity to create useful objects

Your kids love music? Buy them a scientific game that teaches them how to build speakers for their MP3 players. They can also learn how to make a flashlight or a secret alarm.

Fascinated by insects?

Are your children fascinated by the world of insects and other critters? Buy them a game that lets them catch insects, observe them and classify them.

They love dinosaurs?

Are your children sad that they’ll never see a real dinosaur? Buy them a game that gives them the chance to dig fossils, build models of prehistoric animals or follow in the footsteps of the dinosaurs as a researcher. Who knows, you might be the parent of a future archaeologist or paleontologist.

Let the light shine

Are your children more interested in the planets and stars? Get them a planetarium. They’ll be able to project stars on the walls of their room, learn to recognize the planets and discover the constellations.

Discovering crystals and gemstones

Your children will have great fun creating their own crystals and studying the hardness and strength of gemstones. Perhaps you have a gemologist in the making. Or why not give them a set that allows them to discover the power of magnets and study magnetic flux?

There are so many great ideas. Now all you have to do is choose the scientific games that best suit your children.

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