How to score more zzz's with late check-out

December 22, 2014

Hotels are increasingly offering guests a way to wiggle out of rigid check-in and check-out policies. Here's what you need to know to extend your next hotel stay.
There is no better feeling than sinking into a deliciously soft hotel bed and turning off your alarm. But how exactly do you score those precious hours dedicated to sleeping?

Friend, meet my favourite words: late check-out.

Why is there a check-out time?

Typically a hotel wants you to check-out between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. This is so their housekeepers can get into the rooms and have a few hours to clean them before the next cycle of guests arrive.

But hotels are increasingly offering guests a way to wiggle out of rigid check-in and check-out policies. If the hotel knows ahead of time that you need some extra time and they are able to accommodate your request, most hotels will happily reroute their housekeeping staff so they come to your room last. This grants you a late-check out and extra time for zzz's.

Don't let unexpected feescatchyou by surprise

Every hotel sets its own rules on late check-out fees. Some will be nice and give you the extra time for free (as long as you ask for it in advance). Others will charge you a fee (this fee varies wildly but it is typically between $20-$50). But if you don't tell them you want a late check-out, and then show up to the front desk late, you risk being charged for an additional night's stay.

The trick is that you have to let the hotel know ahead of time. That way they can let their front desk and housekeeping staff know not to bother you, and they can plan the best time to clean your room.

  • Sunday is the ideal day to ask for a late check-out. Typically Sunday nights have the lowest occupancy rate at most hotels, so there is more flexibility about when the rooms get cleaned.

Be considerate of arriving guests

You also have to be reasonable. Most hotels stay checking in new guests mid-afternoon. So they will want you gone before then so they can accommodate their next guest.

  • If you need to stay until the evening, it might be better for everyone if you consider booking an extra night at the hotel.

If late check-out isn't available at your hotel, or not possible on the day you are staying over, you can always ask the front desk to hold onto your luggage for you. That way you can check out on time, but go explore the city, grab a bite to eat, or treat yourself to a massage, without having to lug your bags around.

How to score more zzz's with late check-out
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