Secrets to making tasty low-carb pizza

November 3, 2015

If you're trying to cut back on carbs, you don't need to sacrifice your beloved pizza. There are two surprising ingredients and a crust-alternative you can try to cut carbs and still enjoy your pie.

Secrets to making tasty low-carb pizza

Ingredients to avoid when making a low-carbohydrate pizza

The crust isn't the only carbolicious ingredient in your pizza, though it's the main offender. If you're counting carbs for a healthier, lighter lifestyle, you'll need to change up two of your favourite toppings as well.

  • No need to despair, however, as lighter, tastier alternatives are out there for those willing to improvise.
  • And your body might thank you for the change later in the form of looser waistbands and lower blood pressure.

1. Pineapple

There are 44 grams of carbohydrates hiding out in two cups of pineapple pizza topping -- well over the daily limit for most folks who are counting their daily carbs.

  • Of course, you're probably not going to eat the whole pizza, so divide that accordingly. Even divided by eight, you're still getting over 5 carbs per slice, and that's not counting your crust.
  • Do yourself a solid and nix the fruit topping when counting carbs. Opt for olives or green peppers instead.

2. Potato slice

If you're a potato-and-rosemary pizza lover, that slice you're about to digest is a low-carb no-no.

  • One medium potato is worth 37 grams of carbs -- way over the limit of what you're probably aiming for in a day.
  • Even foods we think of as vegetables can have a surprising amount of carbs. The trick lies in finding out which ones are low-carb-friendly and which ones aren't.
  • Substitute bacon or mushrooms the next time you're tempted by potatoes.

3. White flour crust

Once you've tamed the toppings, it's time to concentrate on the crust.

  • One 14-inch regular pizza crust made with white flour adds a whopping 284 grams of carbs to your lunch. That's roughly 36 grams per slice.
  • You can take the bulk of these carbs away by using cauliflower, instead of flour, to fashion your pizza crusts. The texture is a bit different, but it's still tasty, and it eliminates most of your carbs.
  • Using whole wheat flour in place of white is another lower-carb option, though not nearly so much as the cauliflower alternative.
  • Learning to love lower-carb variations of your favourite dishes can take time and dedication. But if you're skillful enough in the presentation, tasty alternatives are right at your fingertips.
  • Regardless of why you've decided to switch to a lower-carb diet, doing so will make you feel better, look better, and lose weight.

You'll gain energy and lose that over-stuffed feeling that comes with eating too many carb-heavy foods like bread, cereal, cakes, and more.


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