Shop for a snowmobile like you’re shopping for a car

December 17, 2014

See how today’s snowmobile manufacturers are going the extra mile to offer state-of-the-art performance, comfort, and safety features.

Shop for a snowmobile like you’re shopping for a car

Today’s snowmobile manufacturers keep pace with the best car manufacturers. That means that snowmobile manufacturers offer state-of-the-art performance, comfort, and safety features so your sledding experience can be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Performance snowmobile vs. touring snowmobile vs. trail snowmobile

Selecting the right sled means knowing how much power you can handle and what you want the sled to do. Snowmobile manufacturers typically offer three main types of snowmobiles: performance, touring and trail. A performance or muscle snowmobile will usually have more finely tuned power, stiffer suspension and aggressive features, like a sports car. A touring model will offer less power (but enough power for a fun ride), a cushier suspension set up and a more comfortable seating, like a sedan. A trail snowmobile is designed for beginners. It is a light snowmobile that offers a modest amount of power and features, which is a great option to get you started so you can gradually learn how to snowmobile, until you are ready to graduate to a more powerful machine. Think of a trail snowmobile as a compact car.

There are additional kinds of snowmobiles for more experienced riders: mountain, utility, and crossover. These snowmobiles offer very specific features for snowmobile enthusiasts, or riders with specific needs, like riding up a mountain. If you are new to the sport, or just ride for leisure, you are probably okay to just stick with the three main types.

As with buying a car, shop for the features best suited to your riding expectations, style and experience level that come within your budget range.

Questions to consider before shopping for a new snowmobile manufacturer:

  • Are you completely new to snowmobiling or do you have years of riding experience?
  • Will you ride on or off groomed trails?
  • Are you a slow or fast rider?
  • Do you like to hit big bumps?
  • Will you be riding solo or taking a rider with you often?
  • Will you be riding mostly flat terrain or will there be a lot of hills?

Don’t get pressured into buying a sled that looks cool. Be honest with yourself and your riding experience. That way you’ll find the snowmobile that is the right fit for you and your lifestyle. The best place to begin your search for a snowmobile is to attend a snowmobile show. Once you have settled on a snowmobile manufacturer, look for a dealer in your area. Ask them if they offer demo rides in the winter so you can try out all the different models and discover the best one for you.

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