Shop local in Calgary for back to school

August 24, 2017

By Shane Flug

It’s back-to-school shopping season and the options are limitless, as we see and hear from TV and radio ads from major retailers. But for those Calgary parents who would rather play hooky during blowout madness at big box stores, there are plenty of A+ alternatives to check out. Let’s dive into the subject of local merchants carrying what your child needs this school year. [Photo credit: iStock]

Shop local in Calgary for back to school

Scribbling supplies

For a handy one-stop shop for binders, backpacks, pencils and even fidget spinners, build your child’s school kit at School Start Inc. Simply order online and it should arrive within two business days.

For students that love to have their choice in fountain pens, there’s one in almost every colour at Reid’s on 17th Avenue, as well as paper and notebooks. For your kid’s next year of visual creations proudly tacked up in the school hallway, try the kids’ art supplies at Kensington Art Supply with a variety of crayons, markers and paintbrushes. Check out this Smart List for more school supply locations.

New (used) threads

No need to break bank at the mall to get the latest fashions. Local consignment shops such as Sproutz Kidz specialize in baby and kids’ clothing – and you can drop off your tot at their in-store playhouse while you shop. While you're there, you can also take your teen to the shop's sister outlet U-Turn. In Kensington, also try mom- and grandma-owned Twice Bearly Children’s Boutique with selections ranging from tots to tweens. Elsewhere for your high school student (who’s growing up so fast), try Man of Distinction and sister shop Expressions Ladies Consignment in Lake Bonavista.

Looking to buy new? Stephanie’s Kids offers brands from Mayoral to Hugo Boss for both boys and girls. Also browse their kids’ formalwear selections at their Dalhousie Station and Willow Park Village locations if a wedding invite is in the family schedule this year. For teens looking to wear youthful optimism on their sleeves, also try creative boutique Pony Friday’s pop-up shop at East Village Junction Aug. 26 and 27 or during Pride in the Park Sept. 3.

For a sweet backpack for your teen that’s built to last, head to Inglewood and grab this Poler rucksack with side pockets and laptop sleeve at The UnCommons. Also check out their apparel and stationery collections.

Gadgets galore

Geek squads aren’t just limited to the large electronics chains – there are also knowledgeable techies at competing independent computer shops that take a bite out of the big guys’ apple.

For your child’s Windows 10 and Chromebook laptop needs, check out Memory Express at three Calgary locations or online, with select Acer models on sale for back to school from $50 to 150 off. Also check out their lineup of Android tablets and smartphones, including the new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Does your student prefer Apple? The authorized resellers at WestWorld Computers downtown can help find the new MacBook, iPad or iPhone that suits his or her needs. Save a few bucks browsing their clearance deals and don’t forget to kid-proof the new investment with device cases and sleeves.


The best of Calgary neighbourhoods:


Parents' perks

If mom or dad’s car doubles as a private charter bus, Courtesy Auto Group at the Calgary Auto Mall is offering a back-to-school auto inspection package for $79.95 (plus tax) until Aug. 31. Book now to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for the coming daily drop-offs and pickups.

For moms looking to treat themselves while celebrating getting back some quiet time at home, Pretty in Skin Laser Studio in Auburn Bay is offering $30 off their microdermabrasion with add-on facial mask treatment until Aug. 31. For dads and moms who want to get in one last camping trip this Labour Day long weekend, pick up a long-sleeve shirt for those crisp late-summer mornings at Campers Village.

We’re out of time. We hope you’ve learned that through all the endless ads and flyers, Calgary parents indeed can shop local for all back-to-school shopping needs. Class dismissed!

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