Short haircuts can still be breathtakingly feminine

November 18, 2013

Short haircuts aren’t only for tomboys. Just check out the latest pixie cuts or those punky pompadours. Short is cuter than ever!

Short haircuts can still be breathtakingly feminine
  • A woman’s hairstyle reflects her personality, and when she wears it with confidence it can really set her apart from the crowd.
  • But you don’t need long, flowing locks to make your mark.
  • A short haircut can be a real beauty asset, whether it’s smooth and spiky or tousled and curly.
  • Short haircuts show off a woman’s face to advantage, highlighting her features and heightening the beauty of her shoulders and even her cleavage.

Expert advice

  • But to avoid getting the wrong kind of cut for your face shape and hair texture, ask your hairdresser for some expert advice on the huge range of possibilities.
  • She or he can show you pictures of the pageboy look, short bobs, unstructured or spiky styles, the pixie style, or razor-shaped cuts that can be slicked back or tousled.
  • Short haircuts light up every kind of face, whether it’s a classic or contemporary cut that you’d like to try.

Face shape

  • Take the time to talk to a professional hairdresser in order to find the perfect cut for you, one that suits your features and the shape of your face.
  • If you have a round face, volume has to be increased on the top of the head so as to break the roundness. Is your face square?
  • Opt for a short unstructured cut that can by styled with the messy look.
  • For an oval face, choose a style that lies flat on top of the head and that includes some asymmetric strands on the forehead for a more balanced effect.

Taming short hair

  • Short haircuts require meticulous care if they’re to be styled properly every morning.
  • Getting lazy and stretching out the time between haircuts isn’t a good idea; short haircuts have to be touched up about every six weeks.
  • Use specially designed treatments and styling products and always dry your hair thoroughly, even if there isn’t much of it.

Tips from the pros

  • Scrunch some curl optimizing mousse or cream into wavy hair to create a natural look with short hair.
  • Or, smooth out frizzy hair with some hair wax or pomade for a sleek side part or sharp points swept forward onto the face and forehead.
  • For optimal results, use all products in small quantities to avoid weighing down the hair.
  • When it comes to colouring short hair, opt for highlights that set off your natural colour to advantage.
  • A scattering of fine streaks at strategic spots gives extra dimension to a nicely done cut.

So, are you ready to take the plunge with a short style? All that’s left to do is make an appointment at your favourite hairdressing salon.

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