Go bold with a short haircut

November 18, 2013

Short hairstyles are taking over the red carpet. Don’t let grandma steal the show — have that long hair cut short!

Go bold with a short haircut

The rise of short hair

Rock stars and movie stars have all taken the plunge in the past. And lately dozens of starlets have also followed suit. It’s all about short hairstyles!

Talk about it with your stylist

Short hairstyles don’t take shape with just a few snips of the scissors, although for a perfect cut you will need a very good pair.

For your short haircut to be a winner, you need to wear it with confidence. If you are the type to break into tears at the slightest change, then a short hairstyle may not be your thing, or at least consider getting there gradually.

  • That’s why it’s important to discuss your project with your stylist.
  • Tell him or her about your limits, for example not wanting to have your hair shaved at the temples or the nape of the neck.

What short haircut best suits you?

Boy style, curly, layered, plunging, smooth, asymmetric or unkempt: Trendy short cuts are available in a multitude of styles, sometimes rocking, sometimes glamorous or mischievous, but always very edgy.

The younger you are, the easier it is to pull off any kind of short hair whim, although experts nevertheless recommend choosing a style that is compatible with your face and personality.

  • Oval face: You can (almost) give your stylist carte blanche!
  • Round face: Make the face look longer by giving the style some height.
  • Triangular face: Features can be balanced out by limiting the volume on top of the head and focusing more on the nape of the neck.
  • Square face: Rely on a softer cut that won’t harden your features.

Texture and colour

  • The natural quality of your hair — fine, thick, curly or textured — has to have a say in your choice of a cut.

And for a short style that’s a knockout, ask your colourist to add a few highlights to your hair. They will make it shine like a thousand lights.


Whether your hair is short or long, pampering your tresses is essential. Look after your hair; a great style begins with a good cut on healthy hair.

  • To freshen up a short cut, experts recommend a trim or touch-up every six to eight weeks.
  • The hair products you use should be the ones recommended by your stylist, according to your hairstyle and your hair type.
  • Beware of excessive product use; the natural look has the highest approval ratings, even for short hairstyles.
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