The benefits of adding a pedestrian door to your garage

December 23, 2014

Tired of opening your entire garage door every time you want to enter or exit by foot? A pedestrian door addition could be the perfect time-saving solution for your home.

The benefits of adding a pedestrian door to your garage

What is a pedestrian door?

  • A pedestrian door, also known as a wicket door, is a passageway or doorway built into the main garage door.
  • A pedestrian door offers an additional passage into the garage without having to open the main garage door itself.
  • It's also a practical solution if the only access to the garage is through the main garage door.

Advantages of having a pedestrian door

  • Homeowners or residents don’t have to go through the trouble of opening the whole main garage door to access the garage space.
  • A simple key lock gives access in and out.
  • It allows easy access to the house for children playing outside.
  • The main garage door stays down so that contents inside garage are not exposed.
  • The main garage door receives less wear, potentially extending its life, and saving energy in a heated or air-conditioned garage.
  • In the event of a power failure, you don’t need to rely on a battery backup to enter or exit through the garage.

If you're thinking about incorporating a pedestrian entrance to your garage door, carefully consider whether it will benefit you and your household. Consult a professional for more information about installing a pedestrian door.

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