Should you trash your wedding dress?

June 30, 2016

Brides across the world are trashing their wedding dresses by wearing them into daring and dirty locations for photos. Should you follow these ladies' lead?

Should you trash your wedding dress?

The phenomenon

Known in some wedding planning and photography circles as "trash the dress," the trend began in the mid-1990s and involves brides taking wedding photographs in locations that render their dresses filthy or subsequently unwearable.

Over the years, the trend has grown into a phenomenon, sparking viral photographs and catching the imaginations of brides looking to push the envelope, one up each other and obtain the most memorable wedding photos possible.

How it's done

  • Brides looking for memorable "trash the dress" shoots often take their dresses into wet, muddy or otherwise dirty locations that would never have made the list for the more traditional photo shoots of yesteryear.
  • For example, a bride marrying a mechanic might have her photo taken with her wedding dress in a mechanic's dirty shop.
  • A couple might wade into the ocean to have their photograph taken while wearing their wedding finery.
  • The phenomenon is as unique as brides themselves. The point is to produce unique photographs that stay true to the bride and groom's tastes and personalities.

Should you trash the dress?

  • If you're intrigued by the trash the dress phenomenon, ask yourself if you'll regret not passing your dress down to your daughter or keeping it as an heirloom.
  • Though many dresses can be cleaned after a photo shoot, stains from oil or mud or a rip may be impossible to clean or repair.
  • If you're set on passing down your dress, you may want to refrain from this trend altogether.
  • An important question to ask yourself: Are you willing to ruin your wedding dress just to follow a trend? If others helped pay for your wedding, will they be on board?
  • If you're still game, find a wedding photographer willing to work with you to take the best photographs possible.
  • You'll only get one chance to trash the dress, so make it a personalized and fun occasion. Say goodbye to your dress and go for it as you make memories. The stressful part is already behind you, so why not?
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