Should you insure your RV?

December 17, 2014

Whether you own or rent, understanding why to insure an RV can make the difference between a memorable road trip or one you'll want to forget.

The open road, wind in your hair, and your family packed in an insured RV for a perfect trip full of memories. Why would anyone have to insure an RV? Because stuff happens. A deer jumps in front of your RV, the overly aggressive driver rear ends you, or because you accidentally left the RV in neutral sending it rolling into that quaint little diner. Seems impossible? Well, on this road trip of endless possibilities, any one of them could happen. By insuring your RV, you protect yourself and passengers from any potential accidents.

Should you insure your RV?

Protect against damage

By opting out of RV coverage, you’re saying the value of your RV outweighs any risk or loss that might occur. But really, this is contradictory if you value your RV, so you should protect it. Though you may not have to pinch your pennies to cover the cost of a scraped bumper out of pocket, something more damaging could easily burden you and ruin a wonderfully planned road trip.

Remember, an accident is never planned. By insuring your RV, you’re protecting yourself from any damage, whether big or small. Insurance can cover different incidents, so if you’re a road rager or seem to attract them, insuring your vehicle leaves the insurance company responsible for settling any issues, not you.

Protect against theft

An RV is a large vehicle, essentially it’s a house on wheels. Thieves like to break into houses and cars, so an RV is an ideal target. A road trip in an RV requires plenty of supplies; anyone travelling by RV hopes to be prepared for anything. You probably pack the RV to the brim and purchase additional items at every town you pass. Whether a silver spoon, a magnet, or maybe you found a great price on your dream flat screen television, by insuring your RV, your prized possessions, both new and old, are covered. The headache and despair of losing everything in your home away from home won’t last long if it is all insured. Besides, you've packed everything you think you might need in your RV, from bug spray to a snowsuit, and it’s the middle of the summer; why not pack insurance, too?

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