Should you opt for laminate countertops?

December 23, 2014

Find out everything there is to know about laminate kitchen countertops to determine whether or not it's the right option for you.

Kitchens countertops are high-traffic areas that require a lot of cleaning and tidying up. So it’s natural that people opt for flat, bacteria-resistant, low maintenance materials for the surface. One of the common materials used to make kitchen countertops is laminate. But why? And what is it exactly? Should you choose it for your countertops? Let’s find out.

What is decorative laminate?

Laminated materials are materials that are manufactured in a way that layers many slices of the base material together in a way that creates a stronger, more durable composite material. So basically, simplified, it’s a bunch of strips of something glued together. It's something similar to the way it’s easier to break a small block of wood in half than it is to break a book in half. Both are made of the same material, but the book's many layers makes it more resistant to any individual cut.

Decorative laminates are laminate materials that are used for furniture surfaces, wall panelling, and the like. In the case of countertops, the laminate material is usually made of a combination of plastic and paper, and sometimes board. Laminate countertops are made in a way that makes them bacteria-resistant, as there is a high germ count in any place that food is being regularly prepared.

One of the great advantages of laminate countertops is also that they can come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes. So whatever look you’re going for, there should be a laminate countertop for you.

Is laminate a good material to choose as a countertop?

The upsides of laminate countertops are that they come in many styles, are relatively affordable compared to some of the other more exotic materials available like marble and the like. They’re also easy to install, and they can be shaped for just about any surface.

The downside is that once they scratch, it’s difficult to repair. Scratches in laminate cannot be filled in like some other materials. Some people also think laminate has a cheap look to it, but in reality they can look high end and stylish when they’re in the right context and when the right choices are made about colour and finish. So when choosing your next countertops, consider laminate. It could save you a boatload of money, and there’s almost certainly a style out there for your tastes.

Should you opt for laminate countertops?
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