Shrink your waist with these belly fat-burning workouts

October 16, 2014

If you just can’t seem to squeeze into last year’s jeans, it may be that you’re not eating a healthy diet or getting enough exercise. Good belly fat burning workouts are only effective if they’re accompanied by a balanced lifestyle. Read on for the best belly fat-burning workouts.

Shrink your waist with these belly fat-burning workouts


A Mediterranean-type diet featuring fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats and olive oil can help you regulate your digestion and flatten your belly.

  • Proteins are crucial for preventing muscle wasting after exercise, so be sure to drink a protein drink or eat a hardboiled egg within 30 minutes of your workout.

Calorie-burning exercises

Cardio exercises help melt away fat and tone muscles.

  • When you streamline your muscle mass, your metabolism speeds up to nourish and maintain your muscles.
  • This results in a slimmer figure. Strength training has the same effect and should be included in your workout plan.

Cardio workouts for burning belly fat include:

  1. Jumping rope
  2. Using elliptical machines
  3. Doing aquafitness exercises
  4. Jogging
  5. Swimming
  6. Cycling
  7. Brisk walking or hiking

Work those abs

Abdominal workouts are a must if you want to tone your waistline.

  • What’s great about them is that not only can you do them at the gym or at home, but also at work, on public transportation or even when you’re walking.
  • There are a variety of exercises that target different abdominal muscles; a physical trainer at a fitness centre can suggest a routine that includes several of them.

The key is to vary the exercises so that you tone all your stomach muscles while also giving them time to recover.

  • If you love dancing and music, then a belly dancing class can work miracles for the waist as well.


It’s not just all about belly fat-burning workouts.

  • Posture is also very important, especially for women.
  • A woman’s pelvis has a natural tendency to tilt forward, making her stomach stick out. So, stand up straight and suck in your belly. Your figure will instantly improve, and better yet, the pressure on your back and spine will be relieved.

An hourglass figure involves lots of hard work

Hard work, patience and determination always pay off. By including all the above tips in your daily routine, you’ll probably see a difference after just a few weeks of effort.

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