Simple homemade cat toys

June 30, 2015

You probably already know that your kitty doesn't need expensive toys to be entertained. Below are some simple ideas for handmade toys that will keep your cat happy for hours.

Simple homemade cat toys

Household objects

It never matters how expensive the toys are that you bring home for your little fluffballs; they take pleasure in the extraordinary everyday objects that are found at home. For example, cats go crazy for aluminum foil. Simply ball up a piece, toss it and watch your furry friend go skittering around the house after it. Or, get some heavy gauge wire, and keep one end held in place by closing it in a door or drawer. The other end should be looped, with a feather or some thread attached to it. Other cat toys you're likely to already have include:

  • Plastic cap guards from bottled water jugs
  • Empty wooden thread spools
  • Old golf balls
  • Plastic bottle tops
  • Empty corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Empty shoe boxes
  • Empty plastic buckets

Rattle on

Use plastic medicine bottles or old film canisters to make toys for cats. Fill the vessel with coins, paper clips, dry beans or buttons — any small items that will rattle when shaken. Make sure the lid is on tight. Roll the toy on the floor and watch as your kitty delights in batting it around.

Knock the socks off your cat

Clean an old sock, stuff the toe with some catnip and tie it off tightly. Dangle the tempting toy from a string and you've got a game going with your cat. Alternatively, tie the filled sock to a doorknob and let your kitty bat it around on his own.

He's pulling your leg

Or, a leg, at least. Cut off one leg from a pair of old panty hose and fill the toe with catnip. Knot the hose above the filled area and make several more knots along the length of the leg. A feline-human tug of war is sure to ensue in no time. A catnip-free version of the toy uses old rags or wadded-up panty hose as stuffing.

Your kitty will be purring with delight when she plays with these amusing toys that you made yourself.

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