Simple tips for embracing life after 60 and using newsgroups

Once upon a time, 60 was "old." Advances in medicine, healthier lifestyles and a revolution in attitudes to age have changed all that. Here are some key actions you can take to give you the best chance of staying well after 60.

Simple tips for embracing life after 60 and using newsgroups

Healthy choices

  • Worry less about losing weight: If you do drop weight after 60, you could be losing muscle and even bone density, making you weaker, with less balance and flexibility, and so more likely to have a fall. An obese person, though, should still be looking to lose some weight.
  • Eat more food but fewer calories: Concentrate on eating for good nutrition and disease prevention. Pile your plate high with fruit and vegetables, add beans and whole grains, and cut down on high-calorie indulgences, such as burgers and cream sauces.
  • Keep excercising: Even day-to-day chores, such as mowing the lawn or sweeping leaves a few times a week, will keep you mobile and active for longer, and even stave off heart disease and diabetes.

Simple ways to maintain your mental health

  • Do something interesting: Join a choir, do charity work, take up painting and you'll have less stress, improve your mood and even lower blood pressure. Indulge in puzzles and other brain-stretchers and you could even lower your risk of Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
  • Have a laugh: Share plenty of time with friends, watch funny movies, look on the bright side; the endorphins released will make you more relaxed, less stressed and help to fight off infections.

Using newsgroups

If you find yourself less able to get out and meet people, or if you simply want to connect to a wider group, consider joining a newsgroup.

  • Newsgroups allow you to conduct discussions and share information with like-minded people all over the world.
  • The term "newsgroups" is a little misleading, because they aren't really about news.
  • A newsgroup is a forum dedicated to talking about a particular subject — films, human rights, DIY, model trains, computer programming, parenting, cars... there are hundreds of them.
  • You post a message that all subscribers to that group can see and reply to. It's a great way to find answers to problems and make online friends.
  • To find a newsgroup, search online for a key word describing your interest and you may find that a newsgroup comes up in the search results.
  • To use a newsgroup, you must register with a valid email address, which will be kept private. You then set up a username and password. Some forums require payment, but many are free to use. You'll then be ready to read all the discussions that have taken place, receive new posts as they are written and make contributions of your own.
  • Take care to follow the golden rule of newsgroups: only post the type of messages that you'd like to see posted by others. Posts are monitored by moderators, who will remove unsuitable content, but always remember that these are open forums and be cautious about the information you share and the advice you follow.

Making healthy choices and getting involved in your community are great ways to stay in shape after 60. Consider these simple health tips and try using newsgroups as a simple way to stay socially active.

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