Simple ways to keep shirts crisp and dishes clean

July 28, 2015

Follow this advice for better looking shirts and dishes.

Simple ways to keep shirts crisp and dishes clean

Get dishes squeaky clean

  • Make sure items won't prevent the spinning arms moving freely or obstruct tubes, sprayers or the opening of the soap dispenser.
  • Stack breakables so they don't risk vibrating during the cycle.
  • Check that all items are dishwasher safe.

Stack a dishwasher

For maximum efficiency, it pays to run a dishwasher fully and properly loaded.

  • Plates: Insert in slots in the lower section, facing towards the centre.
  • Cups, glasses and bowls: Put cups in the top section. Stack bowls on an incline. Put glasses upside down between, not over, prongs.
  • Plastic items: Place on the top rack, away from the heating element in the lower section.
  • Pots and pans: Place upside down in the lower section.
  • Cutlery: Place fork and spoon handles downwards in utensil baskets, and knife handles upwards. Mix them so that they don't "nest" into one another. Lay larger utensils horizontally across the top section.
  • Cutting boards and baking trays: Place on the outermost edges of the bottom section.

Clean and revive a shirt collar

Shirt collars are prone to stains from hair products, makeup and the like. Try treating them with these methods:

  • Use a clean nailbrush to apply a little shampoo designed for greasy hair, or some liquid detergent. Leave for 15 minutes, then wash in a washing machine at the hottest setting.
  • For a quick treatment, wash only the collar, by hand. Rinse well, then rub as dry as possible in a thick towel. Iron completely dry.
  • Spray with a stain remover and leave for 10 minutes, or as directed. Then, wash in the washing machine at the hottest safe setting.
  • For lipstick, rub in some white toothpaste as a pre-wash treatment. Or use a stain remover as above.

Iron a shirt

Ironing each part of the shirt in the correct order is the key to success: first collar, then cuffs, yoke, sleeves, back and front.

  1. Using a pre-heated iron. Iron the collar first. Start with the outside, then the side visible when worn. For the cuffs, iron the inside and then the outside.
  2. Slide the shirt over the pointed end of the ironing board. Iron one shoulder of the yoke and then the other.
  3. Iron the sleeves on each side, followed by the back, again with the fabric spread over the end of the ironing board. Turn the shirt over and iron the front, the right side followed by the left side.
  4. Button up and then hang or fold the shirt neatly.

Crisper shirts and cleaner dishes takes a little knowhow. Do both tasks in the right order to see better results.

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