Sneaky ways to improve your flexibility

July 28, 2015

In this busy world, you rarely have time to go to the gym or yoga to increase your flexibility. And when you sit at a desk all day, that's likely something you need. Follow these stretching exercises to limber up anywhere.

Sneaky ways to improve your flexibility

Stretch after cardio

  • Your muscles are at their most flexible and pliable after a workout, making your stretching more effective.
  • After any activity designed to increase your heart rate — walking, running, swimming — spend 10 minutes stretching to cool off and bring down your heart rate.


  • Grab a chin bar and just hang for a minute or two.
  • It feels really good and it can do a lot of good for your spine, arm, shoulder and chest muscles.
  • Try it on the monkey bars at a children's playground.
  • Your hands and shoulders need to support your entire body weight, so get the OK from your doctor first.

Dance for flexibility

  • A Swedish study tested 20 cross-country skiers for flexibility.
  • Half took a dance class, the other half did not.
  • The skiers who took the weekly dance class improved the flexibility of their spines and increased their agility and ski speed. So grab a partner and hit the dance floor.

Get out and stretch

  • Driving can cause back pain if you don't stretch.
  • Get out of the car, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, put your hand in the small of your back for support; lean backwards.
  • Bend forward, hands on knees; exhale as you round your back and tuck in your chin.
  • Flatten your back, while inhaling. Hold each position for a count of two, repeating ten times.

Flex in line

  • Standing in any waiting line, stand on your toes, as high as you can, as long as you can.
  • With feet on the ground, lift the toes of your right foot without lifting your heel; hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with your left foot.

Roll on hold

Put your smartphone on speaker, and while you're on hold, do neck rolls.

Stretch during TV time

  • Sprawl out on the floor and do your stretching routine while watching your favourite show.
  • If nothing else, make a point of stretching during the commercials.

Extend legs up a wall

  • Sit with one hip as close to the wall as you can get.
  • Lie on your back and extend your legs up the wall, so that your bottom, the backs of your thighs and your heels touch the wall.
  • You'll feel a mild stretch in your legs as gravity causes fluids to drain out of your legs, back to your heart. Hold the position for five minutes.
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