Solar roofing like you've never seen before

October 24, 2014

Solar roofing is now more visually appealing and with increased incentives, the timing could be right for solar to go mainstream.

Solar roofing like you've never seen before

According to Adrienne Warren, a senior Bank of Nova Scotia economist, household energy bills in Canada have risen five per cent in the last year and are likely to continue to outpace the inflation rate. Canadian household budgets are tight and getting tighter, so many are taking a fresh look at the costs and benefits of solar energy. With new solar roofing options, it may be time to consider going solar.

The new look of solar

If installing solar makes you think of bulky, ugly photovoltaic panels bolted to your roof, it's time to take another look. Solar roofing shingles protect the home while producing electricity.

When it's time to replace or repair the roof with new shingles, solar shingles are a smart financial option over traditional asphalt roofing shingles. According to Canadian Energy, homeowners can replace their conventional roof with a one that makes money without spending any extra money. Once the shingles start producing electricity, homeowners begin making money. Any unused electricity will be directed to the power grid and the homeowners will be given credit for it. Saving money today is important, but the life-long financial incentives for installing solar roofing are looking very attractive, too.

The ongoing financial benefits of solar roofing

There are government and provincial consumer incentives for those wanting to install solar roofing. In addition, there are long-term benefits to installing solar now. These include:

  • No money down, as providers may offer financing.
  • Earn money as you generate electricity.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Ongoing tax incentives and rebates may be available in some provinces.

Electricity prices will continue to increase and squeeze the budgets of Canadian consumers. As people look for ways to save money, going solar is becoming more attractive. The financial advantages are hard to deny, and new and more visually appealing solar roofing options have addressed the aesthetic concerns of consumers. Installing solar is a great way to step up and become a leader in green living while investing in your family's future.

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