What you need to know about hiring a snow removal service

December 22, 2014

Do you plan on abandoning your shovel this winter? To avoid any pitfalls with a contractor, here are a few rules to follow when using a snow removal service.

What you need to know about hiring a snow removal service

Choosing a company

To find a reliable contractor, nothing beats a referral from a neighbour or relative. A satisfied customer is often a guarantee of quality service. So grab a pen and paper, call your local businesses and get to know their rates and how they work.

Every contractor worthy of their title should be able to answer your questions and provide references if required. With your facts in hand, you'll then be able to compare services and make an informed decision.

The contract

Talk is fleeting, but the written word lasts. Make sure the details of the agreement — length of service and schedule expectations during snowfalls — are clearly stated in your contract with the company. The rules to follow when using the snow removal service should also be included. In addition, any reputable contractor will have liability insurance in case of damage done to your property.

You also have a role to play

Even though you won’t have to sweat profusely with your shovel anymore, you’ll still have a few rules to follow when using a snow removal service. These common-sense guidelines will make sure your property stays clean and free of damage all winter.

  • Don’t leave anything in your parking area or driveway (garbage, toys, electrical cables, rocks or bricks)
  • Trim all tree branches that could interfere with snow removal operations
  • Leave vehicles at a distance of about two metres (six feet) from the entrance of the parking area for overnight snow removal
  • Free up parking areas by 9 a.m. in the morning after a snowfall (or earlier if it’s stipulated in your contract) as this allows for complete snow removal
  • Clear snow from front entrances and garage doors to a distance of at least 1.5 metres (five feet) away from the house and garage. Do this before 9 a.m. in the morning so the snow can be collected and removed (if it’s stipulated in your contract)
  • Put salt on sloping driveways so they remain clear of ice
  • Identify any trees or structures to avoid during snow removal, using stakes provided by the company
  • If you use a portable or temporary garage, make sure the canvas is tightly fixed to its structure and that its door doesn’t fly open in the wind

The right deal

Of course, these examples of rules to follow when using a snow removal service are not the only rules out there. The contractor with whom you do business may have special requests.

In any case, it’s best for both sides to clearly communicate their expectations. Don’t hesitate to give the company a call if their service leaves something to be desired. A company that cares about its reputation will always be interested in addressing any issues you may have.

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