6 spring flowers sure to end the winter blues

February 6, 2014

With spring around the corner, fresh-cut flowers in a cheerful bouquet are a colourful way to chase away the winter blues. Here are some suggestions for the season's brightest flowers to help welcome back the warmer weather.

6 spring flowers sure to end the winter blues

1. Tulips

By winter’s end, florists have a vast array of tulips available. A good reason to like tulips is they don’t require much water and don’t have to be looked after religiously to stay beautiful.

  • Red tulips denote feelings of romantic affection or love, while yellow tulips convey admiration, respect, or thanks.

2. Daffodils

Daffodils are an absolute delight in the spring. Their bright yellow colour brightens up any room and adds a splash of sunshine to the darkest home.

  • Just having them in the room can help people shake off feelings of seasonal depression.

3. Irises

Irises have a subtle scent and come in a surprising array of colours, from pale yellow to dark brown, with all the shades of violet in between.

  • For a stellar spring flower bouquet, pair them with tulips and watch the room light up.

4. Lilies

Lilies inspire strong positive and negative reactions. They are, in fact, known as the “happiness flower,” with their subtle scent and tiny bluebells.

  • Originally from Japan, the lily symbolizes rebirth.
  • Think about pairing lilies with forget-me-nots and purple hyacinths to form stunning springtime arrangements.

5. Lilac

The lilac is an iconic image of spring. With its supple branches and awe-inspiring fragrance, it is among the most popular of springtime flowers.

  • To help it last, scratch the ends of the stems to ensure that they get enough water.

6. Blooming fruit tree branches

If you want to take a step outside the ordinary, consider blooming fruit tree branches in a bouquet.

  • Pairing fruit tree branches with spring flowers in an arrangement can help you forget all about the long Canadian winter you've just lived through.

A visit to the florist can put you in a new frame of mind

Even if some of winter’s chill still lingers, a spray of spring flowers brightens up a room with colour and fragrance – not to mention a lively mood – like nothing else can. Why not make everybody feel good at home or in the office by picking up a pretty bouquet?

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