Stylish flooring options for the garage

Thinking about finishing the floor of your garage? Here are some tips to help.

Stylish flooring options for the garage

If you're thinking about finishing your garage's floor, there are an overwhelming number of possible options, and it can be hard to settle on one that you love.

  • Unfinished floors are simple and functional, but if you want a clean and modern look for your garage space, a finished floor will make a huge difference.
  • The two main types of garage flooring are coverings and coatings.
  • Both are very attractive and versatile options, but let’s look at what the differences are to help you decide.


Coverings are generally the easiest way to finish your garage floor.

  • They’re a breeze to do yourself and they’re often quite affordable, as well.
  • There are plenty of different covering styles to choose from, so finding something that fits your decor shouldn’t be too hard. Wood composite, plastic and rubber tiles are the most common types of tiles.
  • If you’re looking for something even easier, roll out mats are available in all sorts of colours and styles.



One common type of garage floor coating is paint.

  • Common household paint isn’t going to hold up, so you need to use a paint that has been specifically designed for garage floors.
  • It’s also a great way to cover up oil stains and marks on your floor.
  • It’s fairly inexpensive and super simple to apply.


Another common type of garage floor coating is epoxy.

  • Epoxy looks fantastic and holds up very well over time.
  • The process of finishing your floor with epoxy is more complex than many of your other options, but if you have the patience or you don’t mind hiring a professional to do it for you, the results can be excellent.
  • You can find epoxy finishing kits for around $250 that include everything you need to finish your garage, and detailed steps on how to do it.
  • If you want the toughest and longest lasting epoxy finish on your floor, you should look for two-part 100% solid coating.
  • Anything with solvents, such as two-part solvent, or one-part solvent floorings won’t last as long, but being water-based, they’re quite a bit easier to work with.

Before you get started

  • Watch some online tutorials before you start to get a sense for how it’s done.
  • Hardware store employees are usually very knowledgeable about coatings and coverings, and they will likely have finished sample chips that you can take home and think about.
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