Take camping to new heights with a hammock tent

December 23, 2014

Discover why hammocks for camping are incredibly popular and how you can get the best hammock camping experience.

Take camping to new heights with a hammock tent

Why choose hammock camping?

If you think that a tent is a staple of camping, we have news for you! Now backpackers, adventurers, hikers and even the occasional weekend camper can take their camping experience to new heights with a camping hammock.

With a hammock you’ll never have to worry about sleeping on the ground again. A camping hammock allows you to suspend your tent up in the air, far away from rocks, roots, stumps, mud, or even snow.

Hammocks for camping and lounging are incredibly popular, and for good reason — few things are as relaxing and universally loved as hammocks.

Think back to that nice summer day, when you curled up in a hammock with a good book, and then drifted off to sleep. How peaceful was that sleep? With hammock camping you’ll get that kind of sleep every night. By switching out your tent for a hammock, you’ll completely transform your camping experience.

The right accessories

Hammock camping is all about getting the right accessories. Depending on where you're going, and the time of year, you might want to consider some of these accessories:

  • A hammock mosquito net
  • A hammock tarp
  • Hammock gear loft
  • Hammock rain fly
  • Hammock hanging kit

You won’t need all those accessories to go hammock tenting. No bugs where you are going? Leave the mosquito net at home. No chance of rain? Forget your tarp and rain fly.

Tips of hammock camping

If you are curious about hammock camping, makes sure to follow these tips:

  • Make sure that you buy a hammock tent that it is designed for camping and sleeping. Don’t just bring your regular hammock from the cottage.
  • Decide if you want to sleep flat or on a curve.

    • If you want to sleep in a traditional hammock, choose a symmetrical hammock design.
    • If you want to sleep on a flat surface, go for an asymmetrical hammock design.
  • In the winter or cooler nights, bring a camping pad to keep you warm. Since the hammock is suspended, air passes under you and over you, which will keep your hammock cooler than a normal tent.
  • For the same reason as the camping pad, bring a mummy-shaped sleeping bag that is about 20-30 degrees warmer than your usual sleeping bag.

If you aren’t convinced that you want to sleep in a hammock, you can still bring a hammock along with you for your camping trip so you can curl up in the hammock when you want to, and then retreat to your regular tent when you are ready to sleep.

Best of all? Hammocks are incredibly light (lighter than most tents) so it isn’t hard to transport.

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