Taking a fun vacation on a tight budget

If you're living on a tight budget, the idea of a fun vacation abroad can feel like wishful thinking. Fear not—there are ways to put a holiday together for less money.

If you're determined and well-informed, there is no reason you can't plan a great trip without breaking the bank.

Taking a fun vacation on a tight budget

Cheap vacations for young people

If you're a university student or young adult with a part-time job, there are some fantastic travel opportunities out there for you. As a young Canadian, you have access to a working holiday visa in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. These allow you to buy a one-way plane ticket, find a job and support yourself for one to two years while exploring a foreign country.

Cheap flights

There are a few different ways to approach the airline ticket process. For the most part, two methods work the best: searching for flights with noted budget airlines and conducting a general search season to season. The first scenario enables you to find low fares to destinations of your choice. If you choose to purchase a flight with a budget airline, don't forget about extra baggage fees. Sometimes, the best way to travel is with one carry-on bag.

In the second case, you will almost definitely find lower fares if you're flexible about where you intend to travel. If you're not sure where to go, let the price make the decision for you. Each noted holiday location, be it Mexico, the UK or Thailand, is more or less popular depending on the season. For example, Mexico is a very popular tourist destination during the winter months, while the UK is more popular in the summer. If you are open-minded about where you want to visit, check a variety of flight deals and listings each week and be ready to purchase at any time.

Inexpensive accommodations

People who are new to travelling almost always assume once they book the flight, they need to book a hotel. Although it is important to have accommodations booked before you board the plane, there are plenty of great options besides a hotel. If you're travelling alone or with friends, consider checking into a highly-rated luxury hostel. You may share a sleeping area with others for a very low fee, or book a more private sleeping area together for a little extra money. The bathrooms are usually shared, but clean.

Another option is a bed and breakfast. You can book these for short or long-term vacations and save at least half the cost of a hotel room. The breakfasts are usually much better than the old continental breakfast you'll find at the hotel as well.

Whatever your budget, it is possible to have a wonderful and fulfilling travel adventure. Keep your eyes open and great deals will come your way.

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