Taking cold showers: a trend on the rise

Taking a cold shower every day is beneficial in many ways, according to health and fitness experts. But what are the benefits? And how can you start taking advantage of them?

Taking cold showers: a trend on the rise

Benefits of a cold shower

Taking a cold shower is usually seen as some kind of punishment, especially when it’s the result of a bathroom plumbing problem, but did you know that getting under a cold shower can help your circulation, help you sleep better, and help prevent injuries?

It’s all true. In fact, in certain parts of the world, dousing young children with buckets of ice-cold water is seen as a therapeutic health practice!

  • Even though there is plenty of evidence to show the health benefits of taking a cold shower, it can take some time for your body to get used to it.

A mood improver

The science of the cold shower happens mostly in the brain. (That is, your brain’s neurotransmitters handle the information that the shower is colder than usual, so we’ll start there.)

  • Taking a cold shower stimulates the secretion of noradrenaline in the brain, which is known to boost mood, help fight off depression in many forms, and reduce feelings of stress in the body. This means you’ll start the day in the right frame of mind.
  • Taking a cold shower can also promote the production of testosterone, the hormone that helps stimulate muscle growth. So, taking a cold shower can also help make you stronger!

Circulation booster

Taking a cold shower can also help improve your blood circulation. For instance, when taking a hot shower, the blood goes to the skin to protect it, whereas with a cold one, the blood rushes to the internal organs to protect them—and that’s a much longer trip for your blood.

  • More blood circulated to the area of the organs can help them function more efficiently throughout the day. Some experts also believe that taking a cold shower can elevate blood glucose, thereby suppressing the appetite and helping raise body temperature.


If you decide to try a bit of cold shower therapy, it will initially feel a little uncomfortable. Just as when starting a new exercise regimen, leaving one’s comfort zone is always a little shocking. That’s okay, because you will get stronger and more resilient, and soon your body will not only have adapted to the new temperature, but it will crave the cold water.

To start, experts recommend a progressive transition to cold showers from warm ones. To do so:

  1. Begin showering normally.  By the middle point of your shower, start to turn the temperature down a little bit at a time, until your body is no longer comfortable.
  2. When the water is cold, take deep breaths to control any shivering and to help maintain a consistent body temperature.
  3. Do this for a couple of minutes for three days, after which you start the cold water a little earlier each day, until your entire shower is taken under cold water.
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