The 3 best Canadian cities for home exchanges

The 3 best Canadian cities for home exchanges

Home exchanges are quickly becoming a preferred method of travel lodging. For those considering doing a home exchange for vacation, the following cities are ideal destinations.

The 3 best Canadian cities for home exchanges

1.Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is definitely an expensive city, but it's also one of the best places to find a home exchange. Staying in another person's home not only saves on the high hotel costs of the city, but also gives you access to some of the best galleries, museums and events in Canada. Forbes even ranked Ottawa as the fourth cleanest city, not just in Canada, but in the whole world. With a home exchange, you'll enjoy a longer, inexpensive vacation in a beautiful and culture-rich city.

2. Regina, Saskatchewan

Although 23 other Canadian cities have larger populations than Regina, the city still has countless benefits when it comes to home exchanges. Residents here have an extremely low unemployment rate and a housing cost below the national average, which equates to more money in their pocket. Excess income indicates a higher likelihood that residents would want to travel, so there are more housing exchange opportunities available for potential visitors. With great weather, an amazing cultural scene and easy access to transit and health care, you'll find that there's not much that Regina doesn't offer.

3. Boucherville, Quebec

Boucherville is a smaller city compared to many others in Canada, but its location on the Saint Lawrence River definitely has its advantages. The city is a suburb of Montreal, but those who live in the area have salaries that are double the Montreal average. However, even with higher salaries, housing prices are very similar in the two cities, so residents also have more discretionary income. With a plethora of beautiful homes, Boucherville is a lucrative home exchange destination. The crime rate in the city is also exceptionally low for its size, and with a beautiful lake, numerous parks and the chance to head over to Montreal whenever you'd like, Boucherville offers the best of the best for potential visitors.

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