The 4 most popular kitchen cabinet styles

November 26, 2014

A beautiful kitchen boosts your home's value. If you're planning to update your kitchen, here are the four most popular kitchen cabinet styles to choose from.

The 4 most popular kitchen cabinet styles

Kitchen cabinets are the frame and centrepiece of your kitchen. Choosing a style that matches your personal preference is key to creating a kitchen that's memorable and warm. Below are the four most popular styles of kitchen cabinets:

1. Shaker cabinets

Shaker cabinets are rooted in early minimalist design, inspired by a religious community that valued simplicity and utility. What's more, Shaker cabinets are popular because of their versatility.

  • The minimal base design of a Shaker cabinet lends itself to being highly customizable. You can add inlays, inserts, decorative molding, raised panels, and much more to your Shaker cabinets.
  • Shaker cabinets are versatile enough to fit into almost any home style.

2. Arts and crafts cabinets

William Morris, a leader of the arts and crafts movement, believed that a return to the Medieval fine art production for everyday utilities (such as cabinets) would help counter the mechanization of the Industrial Revolution.

As a result, beautiful criss-cross and geometric designs cropped up during this time period. Today, arts and crafts cabinets are best described as “romantic folk style,” with intricate wood design details.

  • Arts and crafts kitchens often pair these intricate wood designs with glass inlays as a display feature to highlight the geometric patterns.
  • Arts and crafts cabinets can be detailed, but if used creatively are versatile enough to incorporate into several home styles.

3. Gothic cabinets

Gothic-style cabinets are inspired by the period of architecture that originated in France between the 12th and 16th century.

  • The markers of a gothic-style cabinet are cathedral or arched door fronts, and intricate molding or inlays.
  • When thinking of gothic-style cabinetry, it’s easiest to associate them with the iconic churches that were built just prior to the Renaissance age.
  • Gothic cabinet styles are best for a formal and richly hued kitchen, as the traditional and baroque detail can seem out of place with most other design styles.

4. Modern minimalist cabinets

Over the past century, modern minimalist cabinet styles have gained popularity. Originating in Europe, this style is especially prevalent among DIY home owners.

Categorized under contemporary home design, modern minimalist cabinets are easy to spot:

  • These cabinets are flat-faced and may appear flush with the frame of the cabinet.
  • Flourishes, inlays, or other customizations are minimal, if there are any at all.
  • It’s most popular to style modern minimalist cabinets either white or black.
  • If coloured, typically they'll be finished with a laminate wood or lacquered colourful paint.
  • Modern minimalist cabinets are best incorporated into similarly styled homes, industrial interior design, or eclectic designs.
  • This design will not usually pair well with traditional or formal home design styles.

Choosing your preferred cabinet style is much like choosing clothing for your kitchen. In the end, it boils down to personal preference. What design appeals most to you?

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