The 5 best instruments for adults to learn to play

November 3, 2015

Some adults are drawn to the particular sound of one instrument that they have always wanted to learn, while others are open to playing different types of instruments and aren't sure how to choose. Here are the five best instruments for adults picking up music later in life to learn to play.

The 5 best instruments for adults to learn to play

1. The fiddle

  • The fiddle is a popular among adults learning to play an instrument. It is the same instrument as the violin but it is strung slightly differently and used to play folk or bluegrass music.
  • Fiddles are small and easy to carry around which makes them an easy choice for people of all ages.
  • Fiddle music can require a lot of diligence in learning the fingerings and pickings, so it's a great instrument for older people who are capable of a lot of daily practice.

2. The piano

  • The piano is a bigger, bulkier instrument than many, but having a grand piano can be a wonderful decorative addition to your home.
  • Learning the piano can be a relaxing and therapeutic journey for many people and it is great for people who just plan to play solo because it sounds great on its own.

3. The guitar

  • Many people love to pick up the guitar later in life. It's a fun and easily transportable instrument and it's great for playing in a band or entertaining others.
  • It is fairly easy to obtain a basic playing level but more advanced skills can take years of practice; it is a great instrument to keep learning and challenging yourself.
  • It is also a great instrument for people who like to play and sing at the same time.

4. The saxophone

  • The saxophone is a popular instrument for adults who love jazz and blues music.
  • While it does take a lot of determination and time, it offers a lot of versatility in its sound and can be a very rewarding instrument that many people continue playing for the rest of their lives.

5. The ukulele

  • Anyone looking for a fun, portable and easy to play instrument should consider the ukulele.
  • It's easy to get to a basic skill level on a ukulele and the strings and arrangements are less complex than many other instruments.
  • It's a great instrument for giving impromptu performances or having family sing-alongs at home.
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