The 5 surprising advantages of gift cards

October 14, 2014

Once thought to be the refuge of last-minute gift shoppers, modern gift cards offer a number of surprising advantages sure to please you and the recipient. Here are five for you to consider.

The 5 surprising advantages of gift cards

Today, gift cards no longer carry the stigma of thoughtless gift giving. Instead, they're fast becoming a big part of the economy as gift givers and recipients realize the advantages that gift cards have to offer.

Advantage #2: They're great for online shopping

Every year, more and more people do their personal shopping online. From books and music to clothes and designer glasses, if it can be sold, it's probably being sold online. Gift cards don't fight this trend, they embrace it.

Advantage #3: You won't overspend

During the holidays, it can be easy to lose track of your budget, especially if you have multiple people to buy for. The advantage of purchasing gift cards is that they can be bought in set denominations.

There's no temptation to overspend, and if you're on a budget, they can help ensure you purchase for everyone on your list without coming up short at the very end.

Advantage #4: Everybody wants one

Gift cards are hotly desired during the holidays. While some people are reluctant to admit it, a recent survey by the National Retail Federation showed that close to 60 per cent of respondents would rather have gift cards than other presents.

Instead of guessing what the people on your list want this year, they'll get something you know they'll use!

Advantage #5: They support local businesses

Do you ever worry that your favourite book shop or record store might not attract enough clientele?

Gift cards are a great way to connect your favourite store with new customers. By visiting a favourite local shop and buying a gift card, it both benefits the store and still offers the recipient the flexibility to buy something they love.

Now that's what you'd call a triple win.

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