Time for some autumnal cocooning in Montreal, Danish-style

by Ariane Gagnon

With the temperature in freefall and the leaves changing colour, we often feel a desire to just be at home and lounge around in comfort. Given that human beings aren’t yet capable of hibernation, we relax as best we can by practicing the art of cocooning at home.

And yet there’s a certain skill to embracing this moment of relaxation and truly escaping from everyday stress! Why not take inspiration from the Danes and their Hygge lifestyle to create a moment of pure calm and genuine happiness in your own home? [image credit: iStockphoto]

Time for some autumnal cocooning in Montreal, Danish-style

1. Create the ideal setting

When it comes to resting, Scandinavians recommend disconnecting completely. So, if at all possible, turn off the phone (or put it on silent, at least) and hide it for an hour or two. As the vast majority of Westerners spend several hours a day in front of a screen, this small break will do a world of good! Then, dim the lights to create a soothing setting. You can even light a few candles if you want!

If you’re looking for original candle holders and candles, lifestyle store Vestibule, nestled on the Boulevard St. Laurent, offers a good selection. Whether you’re a minimalist or more of an eccentric, this shop is sure to have a little something you'll like. Who knows? You may also be tempted by a cozy decorative cushion.

2. Pick a “cocooning corner”

Whether you prefer to be in the living room or in the bedroom for your moment of relaxation, there are a few essentials you’ll need to have with you. The Danes swear by a soft blanket and comfy socks. After all, it’s much easier to rest when you’re comfortable!

If you’re looking for an original throw rug, there’s no better place than Bigarade on Sainte-Catherine East. You’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this cozy boutique that offers original creations made with organic fabrics.

3. Nourishing the body...and soul

Is there anything better in cold weather than a good hot tea? Or how about tea AND biscuits! Stock up on biscuits and infusions to avoid being caught unprepared and without treats when you feel that urge to relax.

At the La Vielle Europe delicatessen on St.Laurent Boulevard, you can stock up on chocolates, sweets and European cakes. A veritable treasure trove, this institution offers fine imported products from Europe to suit all tastes.

Now that you’re all settled in comfortably, how to pass the time? Simple! You can take a nap or delve into a book...just as long as you stay away from screens.

Need a book suggestion? Why not learn more about the lifestyle of the happiest people in the world with The Little Book of Hygge? It’s inspiring to say the least. So, ready, steady, get resting!

*The Little Book of Hygge: the Danish Way to Live Well
by Meik Wiking. Penguin, UK (November 16, 2016)

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