The ABCs of commercial storage: a simple solution for your space needs

November 24, 2014

Are you moving or planning major renovations? Brimming with surplus stock? Commercial storage provides a simple solution for your space needs that's convenient and cost-effective.
Commercial warehouses offer free-access, self-storage services for large and small units alike. These facilities are designed to meet the convenience and security needs of all of their clients.

What's more, self-service storage facilities will save you money not only because you get to choose the unit size for the space you rent, but also because you set the terms: you only pay for the space you need for as long as you need it.

When looking for long-term storage, a facility offering self-storage services (also known as a free-access warehouse) is a great choice. The safety and security of your property is assured, and most of these companies maintain regular contact with their customers. Their priority is to build long-term relationships based on trust. This can be a deciding factor, as it's important to ensure you have made the right choice.


What kind of customers typically use commercial storage facilities?

  • Small, medium and large businesses that need to temporarily store their unused office furniture
  • Shops with exceptionally large orders to deliver, or boutiques in need of extra space to store their off-season merchandise
  • Sales reps who need extra space to store their samples and mock-up materials
  • Artisans and craft workers who are encumbered by their working materials and many tools
  • Hotels, restaurants and bars thatrequire extra spaceto store old furniture, or to store their non-perishable goodswhile preparing for interior design renovations


What are the benefits of using a commercial storage facility?

  • Protection of your assets
  • Short-term and long-term leases, according to your changing needs
  • Made-to-measure storage units so you pay only for the space you need
  • It saves both time and money
  • Avoids unnecessary clutter at your place of business
  • Avoids breaking or damaging your furniture if renovations are under way
  • Safe and secure facilities
  • Warehouse temperature and humidity levels are climate controlled
  • Burglar alarms and sprinkler systems to prevent loss and damage

Various extra services that are offered

Depending on the company, there are other services offered that might be to your advantage to consider. That includes:

  • Repository for archived documents and files
  • Possibility of paying for rates by the day, week or month
  • Flexible shelves on pallets and/or open floor surfaces
  • Cargo handling for loading and unloading (cross-docking service)
  • Locks, gates and fencing for safety and security considerations
  • Monitoring system and camera surveillance
  • Insurance policies to cover damage in the event of fire, flooding, or theft

Whatever your needs or budget, commercial storage facilities offer flexible, convenient and inexpensive storage solutions to help clear clutter out from under your feet — and give you more room to breathe.

The ABCs of commercial storage: a simple solution for your space needs
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