The ABCs of eco-friendly cleaning products

August 13, 2014

It's not always easy to know which products are eco-friendly. Here are some tips to help you know if your choice of cleaning products is free of harmful chemicals.
Have you ever taken the time to count all the various cleaning products you use each day for keeping your clothes, dishes and home spotless? The total can be quite impressive. Perhaps you’re aware that chemicals are harmful to the environment and you'd like to reduce your use of pollutants. If so, using eco-friendly cleaning products is the ideal solution...but how can you spot them?

Identify undesirable products

If you can’t be bothered reading labels when you’re grocery shopping, you’ll need to be more patient, as this habit is also relevant when looking for eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • As soon as you see such toxic ingredients as ammonia, ethanol, and acid on a label, put the cleaning product right back on the shelf.

Green choices

Look for products that are clearly tagged as green. In Canada, two options are recognized at this time: Environmental Choice and EcoLogo. You can be sure that products identified with these labels are trustworthy.

  • In addition, opt for large formats, as they help minimize wasteful packaging. Buy in bulk whenever possible and just refill your smaller containers.
  • When any of your containers are empty or unusable, be sure to recycle them.

Good for the environment and your health

You shouldn’t look at eco-friendly cleaning products as luxury items, but as necessities for the good health of you and your family.

  • The toxicity of many common products is often underestimated. Indeed, some everyday chemicals are not only extremely harmful to the environment, but they also have consequences on your body when they’re absorbed through the skin...

That’s a pretty good reason to choose green products!

A little creativity

Did you know it’s possible to create homemade eco-friendly cleaning products? This can be a solution that is both economical and easy.

  • The combination of water, vinegar, lemon and baking soda often appears in commercial eco-friendly products. Indeed, each of these elements has properties that disinfect, deodorize or dissolve grease.

Finding eco-friendly cleaners

Are you having a hard time finding eco-friendly cleaning products? Why not look for a cleaner who uses them?

  • Some housekeeping agencies have the same environmental concerns as you, so you can entrust your belongings to them without fear of harming the environment.
The ABCs of eco-friendly cleaning products
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