The advantages of electric bicycles

November 3, 2015

The advantages of "e-bikes" go far beyond what either a classic bike or a moped can offer. They are one of the most innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly ways to get around town.

The advantages of electric bicycles

1. Environmental advantages

  • Reaching speeds of over 30 km/h, electric bicycles can replace automobiles or other petroleum-powered vehicles for commutes on city streets and for running basic errands around town. Because the rechargeable battery is run on electricity and does not need fossil fuel, they also do not give off harmful emissions.
  • In countries where mopeds and scooters are common, such as China, electric bicycles are quickly replacing these gasoline-powered, air-polluting vehicles with a much more environmentally friendly option.
  • In Canada, where many cities are investing in bicycle trails, electric bicycles may become a serious alternative to the automobile.

2. Health benefits

  • Just like pedal bicycling, riding an electric bicycle daily can be a quick and effective way of getting into shape. But unlike pedal bicycling, the electric engine is always there to chug up hills or cruise along when you become tired of exerting energy, meaning it is much easier to tailor the amount of exercise each trip entails with an electric bike.
  • Even cyclists who use the engine most of the time still enjoy the fresh air and sunshine that being outdoors involves, something that their car-bound counterparts cannot experience from behind the windshield.
  • Electric bikes can also be ridden on bike trails that are inaccessible to cars, meaning that the great outdoors is much closer for those with an electric bicycle.

3. Lifestyle perks

  • Electric bicycle riders have the option of joining up with other enthusiasts for community-centred events and rides. Riding electric bikes is also a great way to spend quality family time together, and they allow those who otherwise would not be able to join the rest of the family on a regular bicycle adventure, like senior citizens, an effective way to come along for the ride.
  • People who integrate the electric bicycle into their daily lives find that it makes going to the store, visiting the post office and tons of other little neighbourhood errands much more efficient and fun.
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