Get the most out of your solo travel experience

Whether you jet off for business or pleasure, solo travel is a luxury in and of itself. It provides you with the unparalleled freedom to experience a new place at your own pace and to connect with people from different cultures. Here's how to make the most of your solo travel experience.

Get the most out of your solo travel experience

Make new friends

While you should exercise caution for safety reasons, you can still make friends during your solo travel journey. Sometimes, travelling with friends can prevent you from making new ones. You might meet another solo traveller and have lots in common. As long as you're careful not to put yourself at risk, it can be a great idea to try making new friends from other countries.

Set your own agenda

Do you happen to have a fascination with antique furniture, bird watching, or any other super-particular hobby? Solo travel enables you to cater to your own interests without having to justify your itinerary to a travel companion. Even if you're travelling for business, you can still squeeze in a dawn swim at the hotel pool or browse the incredible jewellery shop you walk past each morning.

Always have something to read in a restaurant

Dining at restaurants alone is a common concern for those considering solo travel. If you're worried about being looked at strangely, or what to do with nobody sitting across from you, the solution is to bring a book. Your book, newspaper, tablet or e-reader will be your restaurant best friend. After giving your order, you can enjoy the peaceful experience of being lost in your own thoughts — and a tasty meal.

Try a home stay instead of a hotel

Many families across the world are open to having visitors stay with them in their homes. Home stays often include delicious homemade meals, and are far less expensive than hotels and restaurants. This option provides the opportunity to see a new place through the eyes of a native and to develop some personal ties to the area. It can feel heartwarming to return in the evening to a family who welcomes you at the door.

Once you step out into the world on your own, chances are you'll find the experience deeply satisfying. You'll refresh your own sense of competence and curiosity, and you'll have loads of stories to share with friends when you return.

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