Beach toys for a memorable day of play in the sun

With just a few simplebeach toys, your little ones can enjoy a beach day they won’t soon forget. Discover some easy ideas you can quickly find.

Beach toys for a memorable day of play in the sun


Different-sized buckets are an easy way to enjoy a fun family day at the beach. Use them for castle-building and bucket-filling contests.

Bucket-filling contests are simple: first you need to place buckets at some distance from the water. As soon as they hear “go,” the players run to the water’s edge to soak their towels and run back to wring them out over the buckets. The first to fill his bucket is the winner.

You can also bring plastic shovels and moulds for serious hole-digging and castle-building.

Water guns

If you're not afraid to get wet and you enjoy a good laugh, then buy water guns for everyone and indulge in a water fight worthy of its name. Just be warned, mothers should never be underestimated.

Water polo

When you think of sporty beach toys, water polo immediately comes to mind. Get ahold of some goal nets and a water polo ball. Head for the water and an afternoon you won’t soon forget.

Other worthwhile ideas

Several other beach toys can provide you with a lot of fun. If you enjoy games that involve the entire family, get a Frisbee, a volleyball or beach rackets and balls.

If your family enjoys spending as much time in the water as they possibly can, introduce your kids to surfing or to the paddle board.

But, if you prefer something a little more low-key, then inflatable mattresses and inflatable ride-on animals will delight young and old alike.

On a windy day, teach your little ones how to fly a kite. That’s always a magical experience.

Precious memories

To make their day at the beach a time they’ll always remember, buy your children a disposable camera. Help them make a vacation scrapbook in which they can glue strands of seaweed, grains of sand and small sea shells they collect on the beach. To further enhance their exploration experience, buy them a specimen net and a magnifying glass to help with their species collection.

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