What are the benefits of a garage floor catch basin?

October 28, 2014

Many homeowners have a garage, but rarely a garage floor catch basin. The absence of a floor basin makes it much more difficult to clean the garage properly. Here's what you need to know about them.

What are the benefits of a garage floor catch basin?

Why do I need a garage floor catch basin?

In Canada, many of us are often faced with climate extremes, ranging from snow, wind, rain and tornadoes. In addition, there are some homeowners who do all the housework and car repairs in the garage. Without a garage floor catch basin, the garage is difficult to clean and appears messy.

What does it do?

A garage catch basin is a practical way to control water dripping from the car and also ensures that no dirty water ends up on the driveway. When a garage floor catch basin is installed, it is important to ensure that the concrete floor is slightly pitched so that the water runs towards the drain in the centre.

Homeowners who do not have a garage floor catch basin may sometimes have a garage floor built that slants down to the driveway, which ensures that the water will drain outside and not collect in the garage. If a garage floor catch basin cannot be installed, then installing an elevated concrete floor may be an option.

What types of garage floor catch basins exist?

Today, there are two basic types of garage catch basins: the trench and square drains.

Trench drains are easy to install and practical. These drains are available in small compartments that can be linked to each other. The compartments vary from 18 inches to 10 feet, depending on the size of the garage. The trench drain can be installed at the centre of the garage floor or connected in such a way that it covers the entire floor. Unfortunately, if the trench drain is not properly installed, it can dislodge. These drains are also costly and take time to install, but they do function well.

Trench drains are a lot more expensive than a simple square floor drain. They will also take longer to install, but are really nice for controlling any water that gets on the garage floor.

The square drains are relatively simple and effectively drain the garage floor. These drains are relatively cheap and much easier to install. The square drains are available in six- eigh-t and 12-inch squares. They may also be round. These drains are durable and can be used in most home garages and even commercial buildings. When the concrete floor is pitched, the drain easily drains all the water from the garage floor.


Before installing either of these catch basins, some type of pre-planning is required. It is important to know where the pipes will run and what the pitch of the concrete floor will be. You also need to find out from the local housing authorities if there is a need for a special filtration device to be inserted to control any oil drips (if you plan to repair cars in the garage).

Installing a garage floor catch basin is not difficult for some homeowners, but if unsure about the process, talk to a contractor or a plumber.

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