The Benefits of Factory-Made Fireplaces

July 27, 2015

Everyone loves the sight of a fire burning away on a cold winter’s day.  A factory-made fireplace gives you get the benefits without the inconvenience.

The Benefits of Factory-Made Fireplaces

How to Pick the Best Factory-Made Fireplace

You can get to grips pretty quickly with what’s out there on the factory-made fireplace front. Read these tips for the benefits and how to pick the right fireplace for your home.

No-hassle Clean Burn

If you love the look and feel of a fire but aren’t so crazy about the clean up afterwards, there’s a great selection of “Clean Burn" options for you.

  • This modern generation of factory-made fireplaces use state-of-the-art technology to reduce emissions and improve heating output.
  • Featuring an air intake, glass doors and circulating fans, these fireplaces are much more practical and economical than their predecessors - and they’re just as cosy looking.
  • You can place them almost anywhere in your home too because their chimneys don't need a masonry casing and can go around corners on the way up to the roof. They’re great as room dividers too so super versatile.

Authentic-looking Gas Fires

You don’t just want a factory-made fire for the warmth it produces and the convenience; you want it to look good too. A gas-log insert is a slick way of creating the warmth and beauty of a fire without the bother.

  • These are very realistic looking. Using natural or bottled gas, you can sometimes adjust the flame size and switch them on and off with remote electronic controls.
  • Logs which are mostly ceramic last the longest and give off the most heat.
  • If you choose this option, you need to get a professional to install the unit so that it is properly vented and hooked up.

Nice and Cosy

Thanks to the modern technology of factory-made fireplaces, you can enjoy the warming and cosy benefits of a fireplace without the fuss.

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