The benefits of music lessons for children

November 3, 2015

Five ways children can benefit from music lessons

Music lessons provide benefits to children that enhance their development and teach skills they can use for a lifetime. Here are five benefits your child can experience by taking music lessons.

The benefits of music lessons for children

1. Better school performance

When children begin taking music lessons at an early age, they perform better in school than their non-musical counterparts. This could be a result of the concentration, memorization and focus that music lessons require. Research shows that music education benefits a child's cognitive processing and development, resulting in higher literacy and mathematics scores, as well as increased verbal memory skills.

2. Recognition of the value of hard work

Children reap the rewards of their hard work every time they master a new note, learn a new song or experience a successful performance. Music students understand the value of discipline and sustained effort when working towards a goal. As they progress in their music lessons, these children begin to strive for higher achievements, rather than settle for mediocrity.

3. Higher scores on IQ tests

There is a direct correlation between music lessons and a child's IQ level. The American Psychological Association describes an IQ test conducted on children before and after attending one year of school. After a year of schooling, the young test subjects scored 4.5 points higher than they did before attending school. However, the children who attended one year of music lessons, in addition to school, actually scored seven points higher on their IQ tests.

4. Understanding the importance of teamwork

Music students learn how to effectively work with others in order to achieve a common goal. When children join musical groups or ensembles, they begin to appreciate the value that each member brings to the team. Music lessons enhance teamwork skills by teaching children how to relate to others and communicate in a way that benefits the entire team.

5. Gaining self-confidence

Children gain confidence and self-esteem every time they advance in their musical abilities by working hard and staying determined. Music provides a healthy emotional outlet for children. The longer they study music, the easier it is for them to expose their vulnerabilities and express themselves musically. The confidence gained through music lessons carries over into other areas of their lives, as well.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to musical education. With such a vast array of instruments and instructional approaches available, if one type doesn't work for your child, simply try another. Encouraging your child's interest in music is a gift that will continue to produce benefits throughout their lifetime.

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