The best outdoor toys to keep your children moving

December 10, 2014

Outdoor play helps kids develop perception, motor skills and even social skills. Discover fun toy ideas to help them get the most of fresh-air playtime.

The best outdoor toys to keep your children moving

Making smart choices

Since doctors recommend that children play outside for a minimum of one hour a day, choosing outdoor toys that encourage children to expend their energy is paramount. It’s also important to take your child’s interests into consideration. If your son is already asking for the video game console after just 15 minutes of outdoor play, it’s pretty clear that something isn't working.

Play modules

Even for a small city yard, a game module with swings and a slide is a great go-to. You don’t need a complete set as a slide alone can provide hours of fun for your little one. If you don’t have a yard, give inflatables a try. In just a few minutes, you'll have a play structure for outings at the beach, picnics or children's parties. Family outings at the nearest city park will also provide much fun for all.

School-aged children

If you want to keep your children interested in open-air activities, their outdoor toys should vary as they grow up. The trampoline is always popular, but so are basketball hoops, bicycles and scooters.

During the summer, a few accessories can provide whole afternoons of fun in the pool (masks, snorkels and fins, inflatable boats, etc.. Having fun while staying cool is also possible just by filling a plastic tub with water or by turning on the hose. And why not provide the kids with:

  • water blasters of all kinds, which are available in all sizes and for all budgets;
  • water jet hockey games;
  • racket games, Frisbees and other toys for wet play.

Timeless toys

From one generation to another, some outdoor toys still hold a special place in the hearts of young and old.

  1. The sandbox:This simple backyard feature provides toddlers with hours of fun and the ability to let their imaginations run wild.
  2. Forts: No matter if it’s up high in a tree or down on the ground, made of wood or plastic, a fort is sure to delight any child.
  3. A tent:Children love to camp, even if it’s just a few steps away from the house. Why not join them for a night of camping in the backyard?
  4. Balls, jump ropes, croquet sets and rackets of all kinds. Bring them along, no matter where you’re off to.

If you stop and think about what gave you the most pleasure as a child, choosing outdoor toys for your little ones is easy.

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