Types of patio furniture for kids

November 3, 2015

Types of patio furniture for kids

Patio furniture isn't just for adults. These patio furniture suggestions will encourage children to spend time outdoors.

Types of patio furniture for kids

Mini outdoor furniture

Child-size sets mimic adult-sized patio furniture in every way. Choose sets made with quality materials and sturdy construction. Sets are available in a variety of appealing designs and are a good choice for small children who seldom have "real" furniture.

For young children, you really can't beat these sets. When you buy from a quality company, the furniture will last long enough to sell or donate once the kids grow out of it.

Swinging hammock chairs

If you're looking for something a bit off-the-wall, consider a swinging hammock chair. These chairs hang from trees, poles or chair stands. Smaller versions for kids are sturdy and affordable, and come in a range of wild colours and quirky designs. Hammock chairs are a safer option because many kids don't have the balance or coordination to use a real hammock.

Whimsical outdoor sculptures/furniture

Crafters create artisan furniture perfect for children. Loungers moulded in the shapes of curled leaves, butterflies or jumbo-sized stools masquerading as mushrooms tap into the fantasy of childhood. The multi-functional pieces serve as functional patio furniture, play structures and art pieces, and create lasting memories your kids can carry with them into adulthood. Installments are often more permanent than a simple set of chairs and can add value to your property.

Play structures that are patio furniture

Manufacturers of children's durable plastic play sets, don't just make play sets. They also make sandboxes, water tables and playhouses. Many of these structures come with a picnic table, chairs or other outdoor furniture that kids enjoy using. These units are easily portable and have high re-sale value, making them a particularly fun and affordable option.

Picnic tables

Small picnic tables for preschoolers are a popular piece of outdoor furniture. They are made of natural wood, pine log construction, metal or crazy plastic designs. They're often found sporting miniature umbrellas, allowing kids to sit outdoors rain or shine. Picnic tables provide a simple seating solution for young children and offer space for eating or working on crafts.

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