The best places to keep important papers safe

July 27, 2015

Even today, our most important documents are still on printed paper. You need to keep all your valuables safe, dry and organized. Here's how:

The best places to keep important papers safe

Keep papers dry, organized and safe

  • Some papers are more important than others, such as automobile titles, investment documents, and anything related to the purchase of your home.
  • Consider storing these papers in a fire-safe box that's bolted to the floor, or in a safety deposit box at your bank.
  • Most home insurance companies advise making an inventory of your personal property and storing it in a safety deposit box. It can be written down, a video or even a series of snapshots.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, a record of your possessions will make filing an insurance claim easier.
  • Keep your personal letters, newspaper clippings and programs in a metal strongbox or footlocker. It keeps them all together and easy to move in case of a flood or fire.

Hiding in plain sight

A safety deposit box at the bank is still the best way to store  valuable documents, money or jewelry. But if you prefer to keep some valuables at home, try foiling would-be thieves by hiding these treasures in ordinary places.

  • You can create good storage with an empty food can or within the pages of a book. Just remove the lid, empty the contents and wash thoroughly before putting valuables inside. Secure the lid and place the can back on the kitchen shelf.
  • Books can be good places to hide paper valuables.
  • You also can use a tissue box to camouflage your valuables. Carefully open a box, remove some of the tissues, wrap your valuables and place inside, layering tissues on top. Reseal the box and store with other tissue boxes.

One of the most frustrating of household tasks is managing the mounds of paperwork that seems to grow every day. But if you make it a priority to create a system that gets your clippings, receipts and valuable documents into their proper places, you can keep everything safe and on-hand.

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