4 fun themes for a back-to-school party

May 21, 2015

Heading back to school is a bummer for many kids. So what's the perfect way to get them excited about returning to the classroom after a summer of fun? By throwing a themed back-to-school party! Here are four great ideas any child will adore.

4 fun themes for a back-to-school party

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1. Sports party

If your kids are into sports, throw them a sports-themed party to get them excited about starting a new season.

  • Invite friends over to play a game of baseball, soccer, softball or football in the yard – but keep in mind any other sport also goes!
  • You could also host your party at a community park where the kids can play all kinds of sports. Some even have water features for very hot days, where the kids can spray each other.

Either way, make sure you have plenty of picnic foods or barbecue materials on hand to feed them during time-outs.

2. Backyard campout

Celebrating the start of another school year with a backyard campout means that your kids get to have a fun sleepover under the stars– but with the "safety" of home a few feet away.

  • Pitch a few tents outside in the backyard and fill them with pillows and sleeping bags.
  • If you have a fire pit or a grill, roast marshmallows for s’mores and tell ghost stories in front of the fire before heading back to your tents for the night.

Make sure the kids have flashlights, snacks and other goodies to keep in the tents!

3. Book swap party

If your kids love to read, why not host a back-to-school book swap party? It's an excellent way to add to your children's library of must-reads with books that are recommended by friends.

  • Have your kids invite their friends over and tell each one to bring a book to swap at the party. Then give the books away to different people so that the kids get to leave with a new book.

It’s a great opportunity for kids to share the books they’ve read (and loved) over the summer and get excited about a new title.

  • If you want to make it even more fun, consider having the kids play a game of scrabble and hand out small prizes to whoever participates. Everybody's a winner when it comes to reading!

4. Pool party

School starting means summer is coming to an end, so your kids will love one more chance to hop in the pool with their friends and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Host it at your house if you have a pool at home, otherwise throw a swim party for your child and their friends at a community or country club pool.

You can make lunches for the group or take everyone out for pizza after a day of swimming.

Throwing a themed party before the beginning of a new school year will help your children start their studies on a positive note, filled with memories of a fun afternoon spent with their friends, and extend the good times of summer by a few days more. Remember to take photos of the event and consider making a scrapbook to put them in to ensure the upbeat feelings last for a while.

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