The best way to organize your tools

December 23, 2014

Getting your workspace organized is the simplest way to get your projects done faster and with more enjoyment.

The best way to organize your tools

Are you one of those people who believes their “organized mess” is easier to navigate than a clean and well-appointed working area? If so, you would do well to spend some time getting your workbench and surrounding area in order, to make better use of your materials and your time. Here’s the best way to organize your tools so you can work more quickly and efficiently.

Your space is a project

First of all, you should consider the organizing of your workspace a project on its own. By doing so, you’re more likely to allow yourself the time and energy you need to do it properly, without feeling like doing so is taking you away from the repairs or renovation projects you need to start.

How to organize your space

Clear the area of all tools and begin with a clean workspace. Stand at your workbench and imagine working on a project. The tools you use most often should be most easily at hand, so place those closest around you.

If you're building your space up vertically, you can either install a pegboard against the wall and hang tools there, or you can simply add nails to a length of plywood and use that as a backing to your workbench. All manual tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches and handsaws can easily hang on the backing above your workbench.

Going electric

All electric tools can be stored below the workbench in shelves, or even milk crates. By giving each tool its own space, you can keep all accessories like drill bits, keys for chucks, jigsaw blades within easy reach of the related tool.

It’s important to remember to not keep any tools plugged in, for safety’s sake. Installing a power bar near the workbench, and keeping extension cords available (but tucked away) will allow you to grab whatever tool you need and set it up in seconds without sacrificing safety.

Bolt it down

For small items like screws, bolts, nails, washers and the like, consider picking up a set of component drawers. These are plastic drawer sets usually used by electrical engineers for storing tiny electric parts for projects, but they allow home renovators an easy way to keep track (and label) the kinds of bits and pieces that normally go missing during a project. If you've ever spent time rooting through the bottom of a toolbox for a washer, you already know the benefit of these drawers.

Clean space = clean mind

By keeping your space tidy and well-organized, you’ll have more fun on your renovation and repair projects because you’ll be better able to focus on the task at hand. Remember, the best way to organize your tools is according to how you use them. So block off the time you need, clear your space, and start organically building up the working area you need.

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