The essential gear for riding your motorcycle on a rainy day

October 13, 2015

Slick streets and poor visibility make for poor motorcycling conditions, but with some essential gear, you can still take your bike out in a downpour. Here are essential gear for motorcycle riding in the rain to keep you dry and safe.

The essential gear for riding your motorcycle on a rainy day

A rain suit

  • Made out of heavy duty goretex, which will repel rain, snow and block the wind, a good quality rain suit is a much have for any motorcycle riding who is going to ride outside while it is still pouring down.
  • There are both one piece and two piece rain suits available on the market, but the advantage of a two piece is that each item can also be worn separately.
  • For those that already own a good quality rain proof riding jacket it may only be necessary to purchase rain pants in order to round out the outfit.

Boot covers

  • Rain boot covers go over leather motorcycle boots allowing you still keep your feet and calves protected and dry at the same time.
  • Basic boot covers simply keep the rain out but higher end products utilize thick rubberized nylon to insulate as well.
  • Boot covers are easy to pack away in a backpack or saddle bag and should be carried at all times by those who live in areas where rain is common as wet socks and feet are the quickest way to feel cold to the bone.

Rain gloves

  • Hands are the first thing to get cold when riding a motorcycle as they are up front, prominent and directly facing the wind.
  • If they get wet too, the deep chill of misery easily spreads to the rest of the body like a freezing cold wildfire.
  • A good pair of rain gloves, which come either as insulated against the weather or as slip on that go over your normal riding gloves, are the best protection against this.

Heated gear

  • Those that are going on road trips through areas prone to rain and wind may want to invest in heated motorcycle gear, which beats the cold from the inside out.
  • From gloves to jackets and even underwear, heated gear plugs right into the motorcycle battery with a troller and adapter so you can stay crispy warm no matter what the weather is.
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