The groom's essential checklist: before, during, and post-wedding

November 3, 2015

People often think that wedding planning falls entirely to the bride, but sharing the responsibilities is a great way to bond. Of course, many hands make light work, so sharing tasks can make it easier for everyone! Any groom who wants to help out with wedding planning can follow this easy checklist.

The groom's essential checklist: before, during, and post-wedding

Before the wedding

  • Chat with your partner about what style of suits the guys should wear — you may want to go with a traditional three-piece suit, or something more modern like tailored khaki pants and a crisp white shirt.
  • Organize your suit fitting and purchase the shoes and accessories you will wear (tie, waistcoat, etc.).
  • Take your groomsmen to their suit fittings, and follow up with them to get any necessary alterations.
  • Organize the rehearsal dinner venue. Come up with a few venues to narrow the choice down, then finalize the location with your partner.
  • Research options for transport on the wedding day — you will likely need transport for you, your bride, the wedding party, and maybe your parents and in-laws.
  • Write your speech and practice it several times in front of a mirror.
  • Help your partner research honeymoon options. You could divide tasks up — for instance, you could research accommodation options while she researches flights.
  • If you and your partner will be staying somewhere on your wedding night, it might be a nice surprise to organize this for them.

On the day of the wedding

  • Surprise your bride-to-be with a meaningful gift or note on the morning of the wedding. Organize for one of your groomsmen to drop it off to her.
  • Give each of your groomsmen a little gift to thank them for supporting you on your special day.
  • Touch base with the photographer, your car service, and the wedding venue first thing in the morning, to ensure everything is still on track.

After the wedding

  • Help your bride with the thank you notes — these can be very time-consuming! Have one person open presents while the other keeps a record of who gave what.
  • Make sure that all vendors have been paid. You can track this efficiently by keeping a spreadsheet throughout the whole process.

Share this list with your bride-to-be and see if there's anything else you can add to it!

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