4 ways to get a gorgeous updo

November 18, 2013

High or low, once again the hair updo steals the show. However you do it, it goes with whatever you’re wearing. Even the ancient Greek goddesses knew that!

4 ways to get a gorgeous updo
  • The updo is a go-to hairstyle that can be worn on any occasion and its many variations always impart a feminine look that hints of seduction and playfulness.
  • The updo has been popular for centuries with women all over the world, and it seems that we’re still not tired of it.
  • There is definitely something working with the updo!

Dare the hair updo in four different ways


  • For a bit of mystery and unpredictability, the updo can be styled to be wild and unruly.
  • To look like you don’t give a hoot about your natural beauty, create a soft, tousled updo that leaves a few loose strands on the sides.
  • If the hair is long enough, the updo can be worn to the side, rather than centred at the back of the head.

High bun:

  • For important events, opt for a bun updo, worn high on the top of the head.
  • This voluminous type of hair updo lengthens the silhouette and lends a regal bearing to the wearer.
  • Both stunning and elegant, it’s perfect with a fitted dress.
  • For a well-executed bun updo, leave yourself in the expert hands of a stylist at a salon or blow dry bar.

Formal 'do:

  • For a formal look, try the banana updo. Crazily stylish, this hair updo is easy to recognize.
  • Twist the hair and tuck the end of the twist back down inside the roll along the back of the head.
  • Fix the hair in place with a clip or pretty hairpins that match your outfit.
  • Here again, you’d be much better off getting help from a hair stylist who will give you a banana updo that can last all day or evening.

Low 'do:

  • Several celebrities have been spotted on the red carpets wearing a low updo, adorned with two lovely braids.
  • Beginning at the front, the braids wrap around the head like a crown, meeting at the back of the head, at the base of the updo.
  • This type of hairstyle provides more volume on the sides and creates a romantic, ultra-feminine look.
  • Braided hair can also be rolled onto itself, for a completely different version of the braided updo.

For the perfect hair updo

  • A simple updo can be achieved rather easily by using a few accessories and some good styling products, but more sophisticated updos need to be done by professional hairstylists.
  • They will ensure that the hairstyle holds up much longer.
  • Your stylist should also be able to show you a few tricks to help you replicate the style at home.
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